Land Register

Land Valuation

Let Dennis G. Welch Real Estate Ltd. help you determine the equity you have in your land holdings.

For many of you, these properties are the largest assets you have amassed. Just as with managing your monetary assets, counseling and planning are often needed to manage this tangible, substantial portion of your net worth.

Marketing Land

Simply offering your land for sale does not guarantee you will fully maximize the equity you have in it. Please contact our offices to let us help you develop a stragety for bringing your parcel to the market, as well as to create a plan to help you accomplish your target regarding it.

Purchasing Land

The piece of land you select for constructing your homestead is a crucial ingredient in building one of your greatest assets. Give us a call to arrange an appointment - let us assist you in determining the criteria and approach to meet your long-term investment goals.

Land Register

The LAND REGiSTER approach was developed by Dennis G. Welch Real Estate Ltd. to assist you with all phases of guidance as they relate to your land holdings or your land requirements.

Wealth Management as it Relates to Real Property

Generally, real property assets are a large part of a person's portfolio of wealth. Why not manage these assets as you would the other items in your portfolio. Please allow us to work you with in this capacity.